Cody Jones


Real Clothing

A "realistic" clothing retexture mod for the game DayZ! The mod includes clothes anything from real military camo to Jansport backpacks. The mod saw somewhat minor success once available on the DayZ workshop on steam, but is still something I'm very proud of!

New World Market

A market for amazon's MMORPG New World, used to buy and sell items from the game using the games currency 

Restroom Map

A funny web app I made as my first capstone project at Nashville Software School. The site is used to mark the locations of restrooms (Ideally in a city) where users can rate their experience and leave their own review! Other users will be able to see the pin on the map where the restroom is located and can make informed decisions on weather or not to use that restroom. I made this app because this is something we all run into all the time, you walk into a bathroom and it's not very clean or maybe they're out of toilet paper!